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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Food is Fuel

Greetings Friends, 

So I struggle sometimes with my eating, I snack a lot and munch on food while I am preparing food for dinner or making my lunch for the next day. Do you ? It is an on going struggle for me to pay attention to what I put into my mouth. I have to tell myself that FOOD IS FUEL!!!  I need to Eat Good CLEAN foods to fuel a healthy active lifestyle and feel good, but that means that I need to pay attention the amount and type of fuel I am putting in. Make sense Right. ? I think a lot of us WOMEN struggle with this in out quest to be thin or loose weight we try diets and shakes and no carbs, but we don't focus on our fuel we just know that we want to drop a few LB's or fit into those jeans again. 

Solution: I started a Food Journal For the next month I am going to write Down everything that I put in my mouth. If I walk past someones desk pop hard candy in mouth I am writing it down. 

Goal: Get rid of my mindless eating, see opportunities where I can Clean up my eating habits, creating good habits to have with me FOR EVER !!! 

Resources and Inspiration:

Heather Winia
Sasha Sandor Fitness

Self Magazine
Women's Health Magazine

Tone It Up
Skinny Mom
Peanut Butter Fingers
Clean Eating Magazine


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