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Friday, March 29, 2013

#Workout #Easter

Cheers to the Weekend

I hope that Everyone is having a wonderful day. Last night at fit night we had guest instructor Sasha Sandor from S & S Fitness in Zeeland, MI. She led us in an awesome cardio/toning working using our our own body weight to do the toning, in fun combo moves that worked lots of muscles at once. For the Moms she even suggested a few totally body toners that they could take home with them :) It was a great workout. 

Just workin' on our Fitness doing some Planks 

#sashasandorfitness #lovetomovemi

Why do we PLANK ? 
Look at the Muscles we Engaged doing Planks, This picture pretty much sums it up. Just holding yourself in Planks works a lot of muscles all at once. 

This is such a great group to workout with. They are all so Positive, and work hard. 
#sashasandorfitness #lovetomovemi

A little Inspiration to start the weekend 

Always give your best in what you are doing. No matter what your fitness level is if you give your best you will get a great workout. 

Easter-Weekend Workout 

I love this Blog so I thought I would share their Easter Bunny Workout. Give it a Try I know I will :) 

#toneitup #lovetomovemi


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