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Saturday, March 23, 2013



So the other night at fit night I was asked a Great Question... What made you want to start to do fit night, why do you like to do this much? GREAT Question, and I wanted to take some time to give you all an honest thoughtful answer to that question. (Thanks Staci For Asking) Most people just call me that crazy energetic fitness girl and roll their eyes. 

Not that you want my whole life story but my love of running and fitness did start at a young age, when I was 9 I ran my first 5k in Traverse City with my Grandpa VanderZwaag and my Dad. I participated in sports when I was in middle school, Soccer, Cheer leading, and Softball. In high school I participated in Softball JV/Varsity and Dutch Dance, I also took Gym Class all four years even though it was not required (LOL) and it wasn't to get our of taking a harder class I just really enjoyed it. 

When I started College, I was bound and determined to not gain the Freshman 15 that everyone talks about so I started to Elliptical at home, and occasionally workout at the field house at GVSU. That Spring so....... April 2006 I ran the Saugatuck Town Crier it was the first year for this run and I hadn't run and official 5k in a while. Drove out there in the morning with my Grandpa and we both Ran. I was shocked and excited when I came in second place in my age group with at 25:55. From that Point forward I have run many many many 5ks, because I like the competition I enjoy running, and it keep me in Shape. 

One of the more personal reasons that I Run and do so much fitness is Body Image. There are many time when I am just not happy with the way I look. I feel fat, and hate my muscular legs, I want to be lean and skinny (for lack of a better word). And Running really helps me to let go of those negative images and thoughts in my head because I know that I am doing something good for my body that I can do for pretty much the rest of my life. 

Summer of 2011, I needed something in my life I didn't know what but.... I felt lost and bored and somewhat unfulfilled, my sister was thinking about running Cross Country in Fall for Holland Christian and I really felt that that was something that I wanted to be a part of. I mean I love to Run to Why Not? I contacted Mr. DeKruyter the head Coach and in August I started helping out as a coach for this Girls XC team. I was the best thing ever for me, it kept me busy, kept me energized, excited, and grew my passion for fitness.  

That led into the summer of 2012 I had my own fit night at local parks for anyone from the XC team we would run,and use the outdoors as our gym doing push ups out on the trails, using stairs to bring up our heart rate up, and just having a great time. My Inspiration for this Mary-Lynn and Heather, both have great outdoor fitness groups.  

Fall 2012 Cross Country again and this season we had two girls go to the State meet they inspired my fitness and running just by seeing their dedication and commitment to their running.  I also Ran my First 1/2 Marathon the Park to Park. I was shocked...... did I really just run 13.1 miles in 2 hours, I did and It felt good. 

Fall/Winter 2012 I had contacted Pastor Jonathan at church and asked about using the church for a Fit Night.  December 2012 Fit Night Started, and Thank You to a Few Committed ladies we are still going (Lori, Lois, Heather), we are working out having fun and getting a few new faces from week to week to join us. Also coaching Girls on the Run at Rose Park, sharing my passion with young girls.

So I may be the crazy, energetic, fitness, runner girl, but I do have a passion for it, that I want to share with people around me and new people that I meet. I spend more time studying fitness trends and nutrition, and coming up with workouts, then you want to know, but I really enjoy doing it so that time spent its worth while to me. 

What is in my Future well a 25K Eeeks and a year of 5ks, one every month of 2013 to be exact.  I want to get certified as a fitness instructor, and continue to bring people great workouts that they enjoy coming to. Also I want to Continue to Blog and meet new people. 

Melissa Jo

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