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Monday, March 25, 2013

Shoes... I have alot of them

So here is what is in my Box of Shoes right now at home. I know Lots of shoes.  There are all a different levels of wear and I like to have options LOL 

ASICS Women's GEL Kayano 18 -New 
These are by far one of my favorites. The pair that I have right now is new and I like them for long runs. the have lots of stability and cushion. I also ran my fasted 5k in the Kayano's so that is another reason I keep them around. 

Brooks Cadence -New
I recently got these at the Gazelle sports winter shoe sales, they are a light weight shoe that offers some stability and cushioning. So far I have like them ALOT. 
Brooks Pure Cadence Running Shoe - Women's - B Width
Nike-Free Run
These are a bit older, I think I have the first edition of these. I use them as my 5k racing shoes b/c they are super light and cushiony, so the make me feel like I can go faster. :) 

Asics Gel Blur
These are a bit older as well, They were always kind of stiff for me and while I did wear them for my 1/2 marathon and a few 5ks they were never my favorite just because of how stiff they always were, but they were very breathable for summer runs and dried quickly if they got wet. 

Nike Lunarglide
I like these they are super comfy, but I mostly were them for walking. Walking the dog, walking downtown etc..  I have run in them but they are not my favorite for running, I think it is the heel and angle of the shoes, also not great for working out because there is room for your foot to shift from side to side, but great for walking, I could walk for hours. 

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