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Monday, March 25, 2013

Chocolate, Love Drug !!!

Chocolate oooh lalala..... Love It, Need It, Cant get enough of it. We are all special so why not treat ourselves to the wonderful treat of Chocolate DAILY :) I don't know about you but I like the sound of that.

Now I know that the darker the Chocolate the better, and I try to to always pick the 70% or higher dark chocolate, but I confess that sometimes I go for the Dove/Hershey Dark Chocolates even though I know that they are really not all that dark. I Try, we all Try :) 

There is actually more to Chocolate then most of us knows about. If you stick to Organic, Fair Trade, Real Chocolate, there are some really great health benefits. Heather Winia Holistic Heath Food Instructor kindly hosted a Chocolate night at her house to share a little bit about the heath benefits of Chocolate, Cacao, and Carob with us. 

We all know what chocolate is, what is "Cacao" LOL the Same thing Cocoa just a different name, and Guess what!!! It is a SUPER FOOD. 

  • Natural Healing agent
  • Great Source of Magnesium 
  • Lots of Antioxidants

If this is sounding good to you so far, do a little of your own research online, or in books or Email Heather she will tell you all about it. 

What is Carob.. Well I had heard of it but didn't really know what it was.  Carob AKA Locust bean.  Known for its medicinal properties. It is kind of like chocolate, but has a flavor similar to dates and has less sugar and fat and then Cacao. It also has lots of other really good stuff in it Google it see what you find you might be surprised. :) 

What Do I love well.... I really Love Brownies :) So when she had Brownies there to Sample I was all over that, had there not been so many people there, I think I would have had three :) Anyways, Black Bean Brownies, YEP... Just don't tell anyone what is in them and they wont have a clue that they are actually good for you brownies. 


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