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Friday, March 29, 2013

#Workout #Easter

Cheers to the Weekend

I hope that Everyone is having a wonderful day. Last night at fit night we had guest instructor Sasha Sandor from S & S Fitness in Zeeland, MI. She led us in an awesome cardio/toning working using our our own body weight to do the toning, in fun combo moves that worked lots of muscles at once. For the Moms she even suggested a few totally body toners that they could take home with them :) It was a great workout. 

Just workin' on our Fitness doing some Planks 

#sashasandorfitness #lovetomovemi

Why do we PLANK ? 
Look at the Muscles we Engaged doing Planks, This picture pretty much sums it up. Just holding yourself in Planks works a lot of muscles all at once. 

This is such a great group to workout with. They are all so Positive, and work hard. 
#sashasandorfitness #lovetomovemi

A little Inspiration to start the weekend 

Always give your best in what you are doing. No matter what your fitness level is if you give your best you will get a great workout. 

Easter-Weekend Workout 

I love this Blog so I thought I would share their Easter Bunny Workout. Give it a Try I know I will :) 

#toneitup #lovetomovemi


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How Too

Hope that Everyone had a wonderful day. Just a little more about Chocolate.
How to eat chocolate 

BE PRESENT. Close your eyes, take three deep, cleansing ujjayi breaths and quiet 
the mind.

SEE the shine and color on the truffle's 
round shape.

TOUCH. Run your thumb and forefinger across the chocolate surface. Is it smooth, rough, bumpy, dry, moist or…?

SMELL. Bring your thumb and chocolate to your nose and inhale deeply. Close your eyes. 
Cup your other hand around the truffle and smell. 

SNAP. Bite the truffle into two pieces. If the proper temperature conditions are present, you should hear a crisp, clean pop that indicates a well-tempered chocolate.

TASTE. Take a small bite. Break up the chocolate in your mouth, let it sit over your tongue, press to your palate (the roof of your mouth), and melt. What does your tongue detect: sweet, salty, bitter, acidic, umami…or a combination? 

Now, taste with the help of your nose…as the chocolate is melting on your tongue, take a deep breath, aerating your palate as you stimulate your sense of smell through the back of your throat. What flavors do you taste now? 

EVALUATE. After you have eaten the chocolate, take a breath into your mouth and chew on the breath, this gives you the lingering sense of the experience. Did you enjoy? 

Stopped at Meijers after work to get the ingredients to make my own chocolate treats. I made Chocolate Coconut Macaroons and the Black Bean Brownies. I am going to take the Brownies to work tomorrow and see if anyone notices that they are a Healthy Brownie :) 

photo.JPG    photo.JPG

On to the rest of the day, It did not start out so good when I got a phone call From Travis at working asking if I had the car keys, Yep I did so I went back home to bring him the keys. After that though the day really was just fine. Lunch time workout with Sasha Sandor Fitness we did upper body intervals, and then Riley(golden retriever) and I went for a run around the block. 

Love to Move
Get Excited because tomorrow night at Fit Night we have Sasha Sandor Fitness. She is going to share with us one of her great workouts. Check out her Website http://snsfitnessstudio.comor find her on Facebook

Monday, March 25, 2013

Chocolate, Love Drug !!!

Chocolate oooh lalala..... Love It, Need It, Cant get enough of it. We are all special so why not treat ourselves to the wonderful treat of Chocolate DAILY :) I don't know about you but I like the sound of that.

Now I know that the darker the Chocolate the better, and I try to to always pick the 70% or higher dark chocolate, but I confess that sometimes I go for the Dove/Hershey Dark Chocolates even though I know that they are really not all that dark. I Try, we all Try :) 

There is actually more to Chocolate then most of us knows about. If you stick to Organic, Fair Trade, Real Chocolate, there are some really great health benefits. Heather Winia Holistic Heath Food Instructor kindly hosted a Chocolate night at her house to share a little bit about the heath benefits of Chocolate, Cacao, and Carob with us. 

We all know what chocolate is, what is "Cacao" LOL the Same thing Cocoa just a different name, and Guess what!!! It is a SUPER FOOD. 

  • Natural Healing agent
  • Great Source of Magnesium 
  • Lots of Antioxidants

If this is sounding good to you so far, do a little of your own research online, or in books or Email Heather she will tell you all about it. 

What is Carob.. Well I had heard of it but didn't really know what it was.  Carob AKA Locust bean.  Known for its medicinal properties. It is kind of like chocolate, but has a flavor similar to dates and has less sugar and fat and then Cacao. It also has lots of other really good stuff in it Google it see what you find you might be surprised. :) 

What Do I love well.... I really Love Brownies :) So when she had Brownies there to Sample I was all over that, had there not been so many people there, I think I would have had three :) Anyways, Black Bean Brownies, YEP... Just don't tell anyone what is in them and they wont have a clue that they are actually good for you brownies. 


Not Finished with You....

Someone posted this on Facebook and I really needed it. Right now in my Life I feel like I don't know what Gods Plan is for me. I am kind of just rolling along day by day. So I needed this, to remind me that I can find comfort in Christ and that he has a plan for me. 

Photo: God is not finished with you yet. Don't give up!

photo via Pinterest

Oh Just a little Something I saw while Surfing the web.
Healthy Living-Yahoo

Just a Little Fitness Running Inspiration, more for my self then anyone else, Sorry.. But look they work out to. 

Jennifer Lawerence and Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough Workout

Shoes... I have alot of them

So here is what is in my Box of Shoes right now at home. I know Lots of shoes.  There are all a different levels of wear and I like to have options LOL 

ASICS Women's GEL Kayano 18 -New 
These are by far one of my favorites. The pair that I have right now is new and I like them for long runs. the have lots of stability and cushion. I also ran my fasted 5k in the Kayano's so that is another reason I keep them around. 

Brooks Cadence -New
I recently got these at the Gazelle sports winter shoe sales, they are a light weight shoe that offers some stability and cushioning. So far I have like them ALOT. 
Brooks Pure Cadence Running Shoe - Women's - B Width
Nike-Free Run
These are a bit older, I think I have the first edition of these. I use them as my 5k racing shoes b/c they are super light and cushiony, so the make me feel like I can go faster. :) 

Asics Gel Blur
These are a bit older as well, They were always kind of stiff for me and while I did wear them for my 1/2 marathon and a few 5ks they were never my favorite just because of how stiff they always were, but they were very breathable for summer runs and dried quickly if they got wet. 

Nike Lunarglide
I like these they are super comfy, but I mostly were them for walking. Walking the dog, walking downtown etc..  I have run in them but they are not my favorite for running, I think it is the heel and angle of the shoes, also not great for working out because there is room for your foot to shift from side to side, but great for walking, I could walk for hours. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013



So the other night at fit night I was asked a Great Question... What made you want to start to do fit night, why do you like to do this much? GREAT Question, and I wanted to take some time to give you all an honest thoughtful answer to that question. (Thanks Staci For Asking) Most people just call me that crazy energetic fitness girl and roll their eyes. 

Not that you want my whole life story but my love of running and fitness did start at a young age, when I was 9 I ran my first 5k in Traverse City with my Grandpa VanderZwaag and my Dad. I participated in sports when I was in middle school, Soccer, Cheer leading, and Softball. In high school I participated in Softball JV/Varsity and Dutch Dance, I also took Gym Class all four years even though it was not required (LOL) and it wasn't to get our of taking a harder class I just really enjoyed it. 

When I started College, I was bound and determined to not gain the Freshman 15 that everyone talks about so I started to Elliptical at home, and occasionally workout at the field house at GVSU. That Spring so....... April 2006 I ran the Saugatuck Town Crier it was the first year for this run and I hadn't run and official 5k in a while. Drove out there in the morning with my Grandpa and we both Ran. I was shocked and excited when I came in second place in my age group with at 25:55. From that Point forward I have run many many many 5ks, because I like the competition I enjoy running, and it keep me in Shape. 

One of the more personal reasons that I Run and do so much fitness is Body Image. There are many time when I am just not happy with the way I look. I feel fat, and hate my muscular legs, I want to be lean and skinny (for lack of a better word). And Running really helps me to let go of those negative images and thoughts in my head because I know that I am doing something good for my body that I can do for pretty much the rest of my life. 

Summer of 2011, I needed something in my life I didn't know what but.... I felt lost and bored and somewhat unfulfilled, my sister was thinking about running Cross Country in Fall for Holland Christian and I really felt that that was something that I wanted to be a part of. I mean I love to Run to Why Not? I contacted Mr. DeKruyter the head Coach and in August I started helping out as a coach for this Girls XC team. I was the best thing ever for me, it kept me busy, kept me energized, excited, and grew my passion for fitness.  

That led into the summer of 2012 I had my own fit night at local parks for anyone from the XC team we would run,and use the outdoors as our gym doing push ups out on the trails, using stairs to bring up our heart rate up, and just having a great time. My Inspiration for this Mary-Lynn and Heather, both have great outdoor fitness groups.  

Fall 2012 Cross Country again and this season we had two girls go to the State meet they inspired my fitness and running just by seeing their dedication and commitment to their running.  I also Ran my First 1/2 Marathon the Park to Park. I was shocked...... did I really just run 13.1 miles in 2 hours, I did and It felt good. 

Fall/Winter 2012 I had contacted Pastor Jonathan at church and asked about using the church for a Fit Night.  December 2012 Fit Night Started, and Thank You to a Few Committed ladies we are still going (Lori, Lois, Heather), we are working out having fun and getting a few new faces from week to week to join us. Also coaching Girls on the Run at Rose Park, sharing my passion with young girls.

So I may be the crazy, energetic, fitness, runner girl, but I do have a passion for it, that I want to share with people around me and new people that I meet. I spend more time studying fitness trends and nutrition, and coming up with workouts, then you want to know, but I really enjoy doing it so that time spent its worth while to me. 

What is in my Future well a 25K Eeeks and a year of 5ks, one every month of 2013 to be exact.  I want to get certified as a fitness instructor, and continue to bring people great workouts that they enjoy coming to. Also I want to Continue to Blog and meet new people. 

Melissa Jo

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Carbs Love them Hate, What do I do about them

I was Reading this online, and thought that it was interesting and worth sharing. I struggle sometimes with the whole carbs thing, I have my "I am giving up Carbs" Moments every now and then. Which is silly, because really i just need to eat good carbs. 

Simple carbs versus complex carbs
Simple carbs are comprised of one or two sugar molecules. They're broken down VERY quickly by your body and absorbed directly into your bloodstream, creating a tidal wave of glucose flooding your veins.
Examples include table sugar, raw sugar, honey and maple syrup.
Fruit is also considered a simple carbohydrate, but the sugar in fruit (fructose) is metabolized by your liver before it gets to the bloodstream, so it raises your blood glucose level MUCH slower.
Plus fresh fruit also has the added health benefits of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, water and fiber.
Complex carbs, on the other hand, are made up of long strains of sugar molecules, otherwise known as starches. It takes your body MUCH longer to digest complex carbs, so they provide a slow, even, steady supply of glucose to your bloodstream.
Examples of complex carbs include whole grains, vegetables and legumes.
And the hybrid -- refined carbs
Thanks to food manufacturers, we now have a "hybrid" carb to deal with--refined carbs. They include white flour and all products made with it (white bread, cookies, pastries, pasta, donuts, bagels, etc.)
Refined carbs start out as complex carbs (in this case, a grain of wheat), but the processing strips away most of the vitamins, enzymes, minerals and fiber that were in the original grain.
Once the grain is "stripped" of all its beneficial components, you're basically left with...sugar. So refined carbs act just like simple carbs, flooding your bloodstream with glucose.
The health cost of too many simple and refined carbs
Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), type II diabetes and obesity are the most common results of eating too many simple and refined carbs.
What happens is this:
When your bloodstream gets flooded with glucose, your body sends an SOS to the pancreas. Then the pancreas releases insulin which tells your cells to "take in" the glucose, thereby bringing your blood glucose level back to where it should be.
But when your bloodstream is flooded with glucose repeatedly, day in and day out, your pancreas gets overworked. Eventually it can get to the point where it can't keep up with your insulin needs anymore and/or your cells become resistant to the insulin (they "ignore" the signal to take in the glucose).
This causes a buildup of glucose in your blood...otherwise known as hyperglycemia and eventually if it continues, type II diabetes.
Plus, obesity results because your cells can only "take in" so much glucose when the insulin comes a-knocking...and the excess over and above what they need is stored as FAT.
Here's the flip side -- HYPOglycemia
Although it's not as common of a problem as HYPERglycemia, eating too many simple and refined carbs can also lead to the flip side--low blood sugar (or HYPOglycemia).
Here's how:
When your bloodstream is consistently flooded with glucose like I described above, sometimes the pancreas can OVERreact and release waaay too MUCH insulin.
This causes your blood sugar level to plummet through the floor!
When this happens, that sounds the alarm for your adrenal glands to tell your body to pull out some of its stored glucose and put it back into the bloodstream.
But if your adrenal glands don't react quickly enough, or are stressed from this scenario playing out day in and day out, your body goes into a state of emergency because it needs glucose FAST.
And you CRAVE carbs as a result! Cookies, chips, chocolate, bread, crackers--whatever you can get your hands on!
But what happens then?
You guessed it--your bloodstream gets flooded with glucose AGAIN.
If your pancreas overreacts again and releases too much insulin, your blood sugar falls through the floor again.
And the cycle repeats itself.
Is hypoglycemia affecting YOU?
If you suspect hypoglycemia may be affecting you, here's a simple quiz to check.
For each question, rate yourself using the following score range based upon how severe each symptom is for you:
0 = Never; none
1 = Mild
2 = Moderate
3 = Severe
Do you have:
1) Intense cravings for sweets?
2) A tired or weak feeling if a meal is skipped?
3) Irritability if a meal is skipped?
4) Dizziness when you stand up quickly or suddenly?
5) Frequent headaches or migraines?
6) Heart palpitations/rapid heartbeat?
7) Depression or mood swings?
8) Anxiety, nervousness or jitteriness?
9) Afternoon fatigue?
10) Excess weight?
11) Occasional blurry vision? 
Your score: _______________
Score interpretation:
Less than 5:  Hypoglycemia is probably not an issue for you
Between 6 and 12:  Hypoglycemia may possibly be an issue for you
Over 12:  Hypoglycemia is probably an issue for you
What to do
If you suspect you are suffering the health effects of too many refined carbs, in addition to seeing your doctor if necessary, it's absolutely VITAL to change your diet to include more complex carbs and fewer simple and refined carbs.
This can make gas, bloating, constipation, acid reflux and excess weight a thing of the past for you for good.
Remember those flora
A longstanding diet of refined and simple carbs can result in harmful bacteria overgrowth in your intestinal tractSugar is food for harmful bacteria and they chow down on it with glee, multiply like rabbits and crowd out your beneficial bacteria.
Not having enough friendly bacteria can hamper your digestion and weaken your immune system, making you susceptible to viruses, repeated infections and even diseases like cancer.
But a quality probiotic supplement like Super Shield can help you restore a nice healthy flora balance.
Super Shield's 13 strains of potent, friendly bacteria can help beef up your flora population and bring your balance to a more health-enhancing level, and help you"recover" from a long history of being a "carb-o-holic."
You need them--in the right form
Remember that your body MUST have carbs--without them, you would be permanently horizontal very soon.
What your body does NOT need is too many simple carbs (especially sugar) and any refined carbs.
But what it DOES need is complex carbs--those that come from vegetables and whole grains.
So the next time you hear someone say, "I've cut out all carbs from my diet" that's not really true...and now you know why.
Knowing how the various types of carbs affect your health is crucial to maintaining your blood sugar levels, and keeping type II diabetes, obesity and hyper/hypoglycemia far away from YOU!
To your health,
Sherry Brescia

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tone it Up


I am always looking for Fitness Inspiration, and recently I came across this blog/website. I had seen these ladies workouts and diet info before in my Self Magazines but they also have their own blog/website. 

One of the Reasons that I love this Blog is that they, like me like RUNNING !!! And they recently posted this inspirational picture on their blog. I love a little Running inspiration especially when it cold and dreary here in Michigan. 


Check out their blog see if you enjoy it as much as I do. You may find your own fitness inspiration in their posts and pictures. 

Sample workout from



This Kicked my But Give it a Try. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patty's

So we usually don't do much for St. Patrick's day but we decided to go out to the New Holland Brewery Last night for dinner and because it is St. Patty's weekend there was a lot of green and lots of fun things going on. 

NHBC is one of our favorite places to go for dinner because of the casual atmosphere  good food and fun beers to try. Normally when we go I get the Electric Mojo Wine from FennValley (A smooth, full bodied merlot-style red. It has a fruity nose with deep flavors of black cherry and a hint of plumb.) I think only Available at NHBC. But they had a few specialty beers available and one in particular really jumped out at me Lemon Kombucha YUM.. 

What is Kombucha? a Fermented Tea. 

Then While we were having our dinner we got to watch a really neat group of young people do an Irish Jig. They were from a Local Dance academy and would tell you where but it was really loud in there and hard to hear so I don't know, after that the band came on. The band was the Moxie strings. I really enjoyed listening to their Celtic Feel Music I could have sat an listened all evening. 


Chocolate Lovers

Happy Friday Friends,

I hope that Today is a great day for Everyone. I know that I like Many People LOVE chocolate sometime a little to much, This is a great opportunity to learn some healthy ways to enjoy this wonderful thing CHOCOLATE :) 

It's the class you have all been waiting for  How to eat chocolate and not get fat!!   Ooops, that's not really the title, but I know that is what some of you are thinking...please join us to find out how truly wonderful chocolate can be for your body, your brain and your mind!!
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Do you LOVE Chocolate?

If you answered YES, then isn't it about time you learned all the really important information about WHAT the benefits of chocolate truly are, WHY you can't just eat any old candy bar to satisfy your cravings and finally, HOW you can make yummy treats simply and easily at home?  
Well, I have just the opportunity for you coming in 10 days so keep reading.  In addition to all that, you're even going to learn some low-sugar information about looks like chocolate but is a fruit, tastes chocolatey but has no caffeine, and costs a bit less than raw cacao (real chocolate) but has many health benefits too.  

Upcoming Class...

Monday, March 25 from 6:30 - 8pm  
Taste testing, hands on preparation, take home goodies and some red wine to bring it all together!
Tuesday, March 26 from 9:30 - 11:00am
Taste testing, hands on preparation, take home goodies and acai berry cocktails...after all it is before noon!

The investment into your health:  $25                         (if you participated in the Wintervention Detox program, your investment is $15)
Here is how you sign up!!


Sign up today by....  

Email at  If you have any questions, please call Heather at 616-403-3636 or send an email and we will respond quickly. Deadline to sign up is Friday, March 22 at Midnight and space is limited.

All classes are taught by Heather Winia, Holistic Health Counselor and GROOVE Master Trainer. Heather is passionate about sharing her 22 years of experience in the health and fitness world.  She creates a safe and fun environment in which to guide others in finding freedom around food, eating and their bodies, vibrancy and happiness in their movement and simply putting a smile on their face and love in their heart!  

Class will be held at 16 East Central Ave., Zeeland, MI 49464
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Our mailing address is:
16 East Central Ave,
Zeeland, MI 49464
"LIKE" Michigan Grooves on FACEBOOK!
Upcoming Events....Spring 21 day Detox and Discover Program
...Outdoor Walking, Running Paddleboarding and Yoga classes this Spring and Summer.
Stay Connected for all the details!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Run, Groove, Yum

So today was really Busy and Fun... Work as usual and then after work I was off to the St. Patty's day Pacer Downtown Holland. It was a bit chilly but good for running. According the the race official this year was a record year for the number of people who showed up to run.  It was a great run, not my fastest but I felt good and as I was running there were a lot people cheering me on because I was the first Female overall in the race, so I think I had a little extra pep in my step because of that. Official Time on my watch 23:23. Also I was interviewed by a reporter from the Holland Sentinel , So I will have to check the paper tomorrow. The after race party was cupcakes and you could could go to get to drink at 8th street grill.

The Evening just kept getting Better though. I has arranged to have Heather Winia Come to Fit Night and Lead a Groove Workout(Check out Michigan Grooves). It is an awesome free form dance workout. I posted a video yesterday of an example of what this workout looks like. We had a great group of ladies and a great workout. If you are interested in some Groovin Here in Holland Heather Leads a group on Wednesdays at 6:15 at the Fit Group in the Westshore Mall and on Saturday Mornings at Community Reformed Church in Zeeland. You can also contact Heather at

So just one more Fun thing From my Day, I got my Nature Box in the mail the other day and I got around to opening it up and trying a few things out of it. My Box Came with Wild Berry Bunch, Berry Healthy, Cranberry Almond Bites, Lone Star Mix, Masa Crisps, and Orange Crush Granola. So far I have tried the Cranberry Almonds bites which were Sweet and tasty, and the Masa Crisps which would be good for a salty craving. I will let you know, but so far I am liking the healthy snacks. 


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


So here is a Brief Preview of what Groove is.
 We are going to Have so Much Fun 
Tomorrow Night March 13, Noordeloos 7:00 
Groove with Heather Winia 


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Florida Sun

We left on March 7 to visit my Grand Parents in Naples Florida. It was an OK day here in Michigan, it wasn't snowing or blowing and the roads were clear so we made it the GRR airport on time and our flight departed on time which was nice.

Coming in for a Landing 

By  2:30 we were hanging out in Naples Florida. Travis was not feeling the best he kind of had the start of a cold so we just went for a walk and just hung out our first afternoon there, which worked out ok b/c my Grandpa wasn't feeling the best either.  

My Grandma had these Beautiful Daisies in our Room for us when we got there. She knows My Favorite Flower PINK DAISIES :) 
Photo: Pink daisies
Pink Daisies

We did Enjoy a lovely walk though. There are some really nice walking trails were my Grandparents stay. There are a few miles of nice paved walking trails plus a really nice board walk that is probably about 1/2 mile long. 

Awesome Board Walk

Friday we went out for breakfast and spent the day at the beach and then out for dinner in the evening it was a great relaxing day. I was able to get in nice 4.5 mile Run in the morning just on the nice Bay Forrest Trails. 
Just walkin'

Saturday was Bike Ride Morning for the Bay Forrest Bikers :) I was able to get in a 6 mile Run and then I was off with the group on a bike ride to Venetian Village our Round Trip Bike Ride was about 25 miles. Then my Grandma took me to the waterside shops a really neat mall in Naples we walked around and did a little shopping enjoyed an iced latte and dark chocolate grams from Starbucks as our afternoon snack YUM. There was this super CUTE North Face Jacket that I saw at Nordstrom's while we were shopping that I might order online. 
The North Face 'Penelope' Jacket available at Nordstrom
Sunday we Slept in and hung by the pool it was warm and we took the day day to relax, soak in sun and go for walks around the Condo area. 

Photo: Relaxing Sunday morning in Naples, FL
Morning Coffee On the Lanai -- So Good

Cool Tree

Monday Morning and our Last full day in Naples. My Grandpa took me to the Beach to Run in the morning and It was so awesome, I even saw some dolphins. I was able to get in just over 6 miles before it got to warm out. Then we were off to to beach we wanted get some more sun so we spent the afternoon at Barefoot Beach and we really got some color. 

Beach Run

Then in the evening we went to Naples Pier and out to eat at the Dock in Naples. We had a really great time on our little vacation to Florida. We had a chance to relax, run, and spend time in the Sun. :) It was also Great to Spend time with my Grand Parents, I think that they really enjoyed having the company and we enjoyed seeing them. 
Travis and Me

Grandma and Me