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Sunday, February 24, 2013


I hope that everyone had a Wonderful Weekend, I know that I did. My Weekend started on Friday at 4:00 when My Dad and I left for skiing at Bittersweet, my sister was already there because her and her friends left right after school.  

We Skied for about 3.5 hours and only took one break for a snack and a little rest then we were back on the Slopes. It was A lot of fun. 
When we stopped to warm up they had a great outdoor fire pit that people could hang out by. 

Saturday Morning was off to and Early start with and 8 Mile Run with the running group at 7:00am and it was a really nice morning, for running outside in the winter. It only took a little bit before I was warm and wanting to remove layers. After that it was a warm cup of Coffee at JP's. Then for the afternoon we went to the woodland mall with the Helder Family because they had to go pick up their lap top which was getting fixed at the Apple Store. We shopped for a little bit, and had a late Lunch at On The Border :) which was Yummy as always. 

Sunday was a pretty lazy day for us, we had lunch by my by my parents, and then when we got home, I fell a sleep on the sofa and Riley decided to make me her pillow. 


I hope that EVERYONE had a great weekend 


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