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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fit Night Cancelled But here is your workout

Cardio/Strength Intervals for 2/7/2013
50 Second on/ 10 Seconds off

·         Warm Up
o   Ankle Rotations
o   Knee Rotations
o   Hip Rotations
o   Shoulder Rolls
o   Neck Rolls
o   Walk in Place
·         Round 1 (x2)
o   Suicides
o   Squats
o   Hand To Elbows Push Ups
o   Seated AB Twist
o   Switch Jump Lunges
o   Standing Bicycle Crunch
·         Round 2 (x2)
o   Triceps Dips W/ Chair
o   Burpees
o   Bicycle Crunches on the Floor
o   Laying Chest Press w/ Leg Raise
o   Jump Squats
o   Push Up with Row
·         Round 3 (x2)
o   Jumping Jacks
o   Chair Kick Over
o   Alternating Reverse Kick(on Hands and Knees)
o   High Knees
o   Pony Up
o   Side Lunge with Leg Lift
·         ABS
o   Tuck with Bicycle
o   Seated Tuck
o   Plank Rotations
o   Plank
o   Leg Climb
o   Pilates 100
·         Cool Down
o   Tree Pose
o   3 Sun salutations
o   Shavasana

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