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Monday, December 30, 2013

My Family know me so well

Check this out my family know me so well. I love to Bake and I love to Run... What Great Christmas Gifts.
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Fit by Nature 12/30

Meet at Van Raalte Farms tomorrow.  We will be parking on the 24th street side and if you want to bring a sled along, go for it.  We may or may not be sledding based on conditions…wearing snow pants might works too:-)!

It is supposed to be pretty cold so please dress in lots of layers, neck warmers and something to breathe into covering your face.  Double socks and gloves or mittens that are warm.  Remember there is no bad weather, just bad clothing.

Friday, December 27, 2013


Tis' That Time of Year again, Treats and Sweets, Presents under the Tree, Family Get together's and Most importantly the celebration of Christs Birth. 

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulder. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

Here are just a few fun pictures from the Holidays. It was a great Holiday season with many laughs and fun times with family and friends. We are so blessed

Schrotenboer Christmas Sleigh Ride at Teusinks Farm 
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Christmas Lunch at the Alpen Rose with Grandpa and Grandma Vander Zwaag 
before they head back to Florida
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Super Cute Little Penguin from my Running Group Cookie Exchange
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 And this where I would find Riley During the days that I was home and left the bed room door open 
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Cousin Brunch at the Alpen Rose
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Homemade Pillow from Debbie in my Running Group
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Fun Christmas Treats
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Little Mouse
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Santa Hat
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Holiday Flowers
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Christmas Tree by my parents ( we did not put one up)
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Close of up Kitty, who was hiding in the back ground of my Christmas Tree Picture
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Fun Nails-My sister is Awesome, she did this all by hand
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Just Chillen
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Oh the Fun I love to Run

I have been Looking for this online... And I just found it today.... This will be my last fun of 2013 and complete my 2013 goal of running a 5k every month :) 

I am also looking forward to, which reminds me I need to check with my running group and make sure they are planning on doing it again this year. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013

Fit by Nature

We Meet Tonight 
6:15 Walking Group
7:00 Running Group
Centennial Park- Down Town Holland 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Holidays, Running, Coffee, #RWrunstreak, Etc...

Holiday Weekend

My Thanksgiving Holiday started on Wednesday, I took off an extra day of work so that I could hang out with my sister. My Day started with a run +Downtown Holland, Riley and I got in a nice 4 miles, it was cold and snowy and kind of felt like Christmas but it was fun and felt good. 

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My sister and I then enjoyed a nice warm cup of coffee from +Starbucks Coffee before running errands and doing a little Christmas shopping. 

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Our treat for the afternoon was fro-yo +Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt 

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Our Craft for the Afternoon/Evening was no-sew knot tie fleece blankets. I was very pleased with they way mine turned out. 

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My morning started out with an hour on the elliptical to prepare for a day of lots of yummy food. 

We had Thanks Giving Lunch by Travis parents house followed by the Lions Vs. Packers Game in the afternoon. 

Dinner/snacks by my parents and National Lampoons- Christmas Vacation :) 

Does Your Family have fun little Traditions that they do over the Holidays like watching a movie or doing something fun? 

Black Friday

Do you go Black Friday shopping ? I am not really into all the Crazy Black Friday shopping so I slept in and went for Run and then went to S&S fitness for my black Friday/post Thanksgiving workout. +S&S Fitness, it was a great workout we did some cardio to burn off those mashed potatoes and a little toning to rev those muscles into fat burning mode. Sorry no pictures I was not in a picture taking mood. 

What did you do for Holiday Fitness ? 


This weekend just keeps going on and on I LOVE it :) 5 Mile Morning Run, Coffee with a Friend from High School @JP's Coffee and a little shopping +Downtown Holland for small business Saturday. 

I am also loving all time have been able to spend with my Golden Riley :) Plus I got to see what she does all day when we are not home. Which is napping and watching whats going on our street out the window. 

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A Day of Rest !! No work outs just Church a Walk and a good Book oh and quick family picture before Church :) @helderpark

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I am actually reading about growing hops... LOL kind of funny I know.. but we want to try and grow some hops by my parents house so we need to learn a little bit more about them.This is is what they look like when they are growing. Kind of Cool Right ? 

Don't Forget 
#RWrunstreak on Twitter 
@mj_schrotenboer #lovetomovem #RWrunstreak -Did you Run today ? 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Run Streak

From Nov 28 through the end of the year pledge to run at least 1 mile a day 
Follow me on Twitter
@mj_schrotenboer #lovetomovemi

Join the Run Streak Challenge on Twitter 
*Challenge Brought to you by Runners World

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap

So This might just be exciting to me but I got a Cool New Chap Stick it was in the Check out at Target, EOS is the brand and it is shaped like a little ball, I got the mint flavor and so far I love this little thing. 

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Saturday Morning I woke up and it was cold and snowing Brrrrr..... But off to GVSU I went for the Turkey Trot 5k. My sister and I were going to go for faster times however the Cold and the Wind and the Snow did not really make that possible we still did ok, I was third in my age group and she was fourth but for us it was kind of slow. 23:24 and 23:25 we weren't super excited about those times but it happens. After the Run we went to Biggby for a Grande Peppermint Mocha and It was YUMMY. 

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With the Snow and the Cold I also had a very Cuddly Golden Retriever this weekend she was so funny, normally she doesn't like the blankets on her but she cuddle like that for a while. 

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Highlight of the weekend Seeing Hunger Games Catching Fire... It was a great movie and I was really looking forward to seeing it. So I was happy that we got to go this weekend, and that it really want super busy in the Theater when we went. 

Goal for my Blog... I want to be a Brand Ambassador for some sort of running company or apparel :) 

Fit By Nature

Meeting in the Parking ramp and Going from there because of the Snow!!!!!

Walking class at 6:15pm and Running at 7:00pm.  

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hot for the Holidays

Do you want to be Hot for the Holiday's, This is a Quick and Fast Eat Clean plan to get you ready for the Holidays.

This is a Two week Super Clean, Nutritious Eating Plan.

The Goal here is to fill your body with good healthy vitamins and nutrients so that you feel good and have the energy you need to breeze through the Holidays.

*We will have a Private group on Facebook where I will share with you sample meal plans and great shakeology recipes along with a few guidelines for you to follow so you get the most out of your two weeks. 

Here are your Options
1. Get a Bag of Shakeology and Share it with a Friend or Neighbor
2. Get a Bag of Shakeology and do 2 Weeks before the Holidays and then 2 weeks after the new year. 
3. Lastly Let me know so I can add you to the group

Two Weeks Starts on Monday Dec 9 and Ends on Monday Dec 23, so try get your order in by Dec 2 at the Latest. 

Place your Orders Here:

I thought of you Heather

Thank You Heather

My latest Self Magazine came in the mail the other day with Miranda Kerr on the cover, the beautiful Victoria's Secret Model. While I was reading through her tips for staying healthy and in shape the first person I thought of was Heather !!! So what are these tips that made me think of my Heather.....  Well before breakfast she has warm water with lemon and she makes smoothies with lots of nutritious ingredients like chia seeds, raw cacao, goji berries, fresh coconut water and protein powder. As I re-call the morning of the GR Mud Run Heather was drinking a smoothie with many of those same ingredients. What else does Miranda Kerr do that Heather also does and recommends for her friends and clients, body brushing you brush your skin from your toes to your heart and then from your arms to your heart. The benefits of dry skin brushing include removing cellulite, removing dead skin layers, cleansing the lymphatic system and many more. 

cover star Miranda Kerr

How to Dry Skin Brush- Quick easy fast instructions 
  • Begin with your feet and brush vigorously in circular motions
  • Continue brushing up your legs with long sweeping strokes toward your heart
  • Proceed to your hands and arms sweeping to the shoulders
  • Brush your entire back and abdomen area, shoulders and neck
  • Use Circular Counter-Clockwise strokes on the abdomen
  • Lightly Brush the Breasts
  • Brush upwards on the back down from the neck-Better yet have a friend or spouse brush your back

A little Inspiration and Motivation

If you train to the very best of your ability and eat healthy foods
and try to be 80% or more successful with the above … 
the rest of the things you want will just happen as a happy accident … 
I promise. Keep Going. XOXO

Monday, November 18, 2013

Glow Run, Chicago and a Great Weekend

Friday Night Glow Run 

Friday evening was off to a good start with a Glow Run at GVSU with my sister :) It was awesome !! We said that we were just going to run for fun and not race at all. Well that lasted all of a few minutes into the run and we had picked it up and kind of started racing we ending up finishing 22:50 yet which was pretty good considering we said that we weren't going to Race LOL !!!

Saturday Day Trip

I was up bright and Early to get in a work out on Saturday Morning before heading out to Chicago, I was able to get some elliptical-ling and a few weights exercise's before I had to get ready to go. By 8am we were off out first stop was Carpe Latte for a nice warm/yummy cup of coffee. 

First Stop in Chicago Millennium Park  I really wanted to see the "bean" which is actually called "The Cloud" but I still think it kind of looks like a bean.

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It was very overcast in the morning, you couldn't see the tops of the really tall buildings.

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Lunch time at the Cheese Cake Factory ... YUMMY

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The Best Part Pumpkin Pecan Cheese CakeDisplaying photo 2.JPG

The Hershey's Chocolate Store... 2 Half Pound Reese's Peanut Butter Cups OMG!!!
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And the Giant Gummy Bear 
Travis Loves Gummy Bears so I absolutely had to bring a couple of these home for him.
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Finished out the Day a Navy Pier, which is also when it started to Rain So we had to take a cab back to the parking garage. 

You think we look like Sisters???

Sunday a Good day to Relax

Forecast for Sunday, Rain, Wind, Rain, Wind..... So we pretty much just Hung out at home most of day. We did get out for a few hours to have lunch by Travis's parents but other then that it was a good day to take a nap, and catch up on some reading and blogging ... Oh and re-reading Catching Fire before the next movie comes out this coming weekend. I am kind of super excited to see this movie. 

Do have books that have turned to Movies that are your Favorites? 

Cheers to a Happy Healthy Week to Come 

What are Your Healthy Plans for the Week ?