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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dump the Junk- Overview

So now that I have completed my 10 Day Rejuvenation, I feel so motivated to continue a whole foods way of eating in my life, I like feeling good and having energy and not feeling bloated or have tummy troubles. 

Last night we met as a group and had a little pot-luck, where we shared some of our favorite yummy recipes. There was salad and rice crackers and guacamole, and beets and quinoa  all really good yummy nutritious foods. We talked about how we felt now, and the challenges that we faced along the way it was nice to have a group to talk and share with. The highlight of the evening was dessert. Heather shared with us a super healthy yet super tasty dessert, something that we would all enjoy and bonus something that we could probably all make to share over the upcoming holidays :) I mean lets face it the holidays can be rough for even the most careful eaters. 

I will get the full recipe soon but to give you an idea of what was in them, Carob powder, raw chocolate bites, gogi berries, pumpkin seeds, and I think a few other things. 

This was a great experience for me I would so do it again. 

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